Monday, June 08, 2009

0805 - Singapore trip

Is a long time I never upload my blog...
(actually just a week only)

Well, as you all knew that I been in Singapore for the past
6Days 5 Nights, damm COOL!!!
therefore, in this week, I will only post regarding my experience life in Singapore..

Singapore Flyer - Younger Uncle Andrew, Me & Felix

Tiger Sentosa Tower

Night Safari Tour

Snow City

Snow City View

Singapore Flyer

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well... what's my feeling right now...??
Simple.. 1 word... EXCITED!!!
because tomorrow will flying to Kota Kinabalu for overnight as transit..
then, Friday will continue the journey to SINGAPORE!!!

(although today they confirmed already had first case of Influenza A(H1N1)..)

But before that, I still need to work for 1/2 day..
as the flight we fly is at 5:15pm...
EVER MIND, just wait another 20 hours more...
then, my holiday trip BEGIN!!!

(Later I will upload my trip picture's and share with you all....)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, after my short journey trip at Kuala Lumpur,
everything was back to normal..
at is WORKING!!!!!....

Once come to work, nothing much special about it....
BORING one la, no need to mention at here..
scare later, you all not 'visit' my blog, anymore...

Well, what so special I posted at here.. was...
my dad went to Kota Kinabalu as attended meeting,
for our company Phase 2 project.. contracted about 2 years..
from Sabah's government thru Mini Budget..
(I need to hardworking, as not many contractor can get this contract)

Second thing, just now, my dad phoned my mom that,
finally, he already brought the Toyota Cycnus at KK,
thru RM5,000 deposit..
Now only, had to wait the car plat number,
hopefully, next month can get on it...
(once arrived, I will take pictures and saw to you all)

Third thing, my dad company renovation almost 60% done,
because the employee are getting more
until the present office can't afford to fit on it.. (at to at stands)
(later I also with share it with you)

Fourth thing, just when I watched television..
suddenly, I received a message from Jannie Yi.. unbelievable..
because all the while, she never been sms even call me..
EXCEPTED, fetch her la.. (use to be)..

Later, I called her back.. (cause I really miss her voice)
WAHAHA!!! (nola, because I lazy to type sms)
Just knew that her still having her final exam..
now what to take a break.. we did chat about how our life's recently..
chat here and there, IMPORTANTLY, we can chatted more than 1 hour..


Forgot one thing, to share with you all.. Due to the Harvest Day holiday,
my family and I will having holiday trip to Singapore 8D 7N (28/05-04/06)
transit from Kota Kinabalu...

Actually we already decided to choose Japan,
but then, all because of the Influenza A(H1N1)..
so.. had to cancel the trip..... SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Part 4 - 17/05 (Sunday)

Ok.. you may think how many more "part" that can finished my story..
this will be my last part..

This part, I wanted to share with you especially Christian
that's what the greatest power of God can do in our life..

That will be, once I landed at Tawau Airport at 5pm,
my mom & I attended the Pastor Hanson Fan's conference at Sunday night
(thanked goodness, I got time to attend)
Pastor Fan been in Malaysia more than 2 weeks,
after he was at KL giving his sermon at GA,
later he flight here to continue his sermon..
(be a Pastor also not an easy job..)

I knew him more than 2 years when his at GA,
therefore, I'm not having strange feeling at him..

Ok, back to the main topic, what I want to share was that....
you may heard that Muslim converted in Christ right...??
But then, have you see in front your eyes...??
I DID!!!

It happens during that last day conference,
I sat at the top stage, suddenly,
I saw in front of me someone wearing tudung
that first, thought was a lady's hair scarf
when looking closely, WAO.. is a MUSLIM leh...!!!

Not just 1 but 3 of them.. UNBELIEVABLE..
Ok.. fine.., then, Pastor Fan gave his last sermon on that conference..
after 30 minutes, he started to heal those sicked person..
(I not so surprise on him, as he is a healer Pastor)

Before that, he asked who want to believe in Christ,
suddenly, that Muslim's lady rise up her hand and go in front of it...
together with her friends/families.. (I guessed)

Actually that Muslim lady, she's having a serious sick case..
is something to do with her chest's problem for more than 3 months,
even the doctors also ran out idea..

Later Pastor Fan healed that lady,
after a few minutes, she feel her body very hot.. like want to bust..
after the hint, suddenly, she feel the pain gone already..
she totally FREE!!!
(All this testimony, is Rev. Teh represent her to share in front of us)

Then, she went to washroom and remove the tudung,
although she shame and afraid to testimony,
but we knew that she braved to move in front...
and we all pray for her future life that God always protect her..
especially the society criticism..

Therefore, what I let you knew that nothing is impossible toward God's hand..
is that, whether or not, we believe that miracle really happening or not??
is all up to your hand..

P/S : All the scene pictures, I'm inconvenience to post at here..
in order to protect her by those "people".. sorry..!!


Part 3 - 17/05 (Sunday)

Well, my part 3 information that want to share with you
is about my new gadget...
Introducing the latest Nokia Xpress Music 5800 (what a lame..)

I brought this phone at Mid Valley's Nokia Agency
once I finished check my teeths at Dr. Sum clinic, Taman Connaught..
After that, the first thing I did when arrive at MV..
was to straight away went to West Court 1st floor..

Once I arrived at there, only 1 sale "boy" sat at his place online..
(what a weird service..)
ever mind, when I get close on it.. he even no care about me..
probably he thought that was another customer just to look around..
(ok.. fined... @.@lll)

Then, I asked him got any "special" function
because the price just RM1499, while the previous (old version) also RM1200
He said : "one is touchscreen, one is keypad"
(like I dunno anything about it.. stupid answer..)
ET : Well.. how about other gadget..??
He (Sean) : Got 8GB included lo..
ET : In that case.. can I have a look on it??
Sean : Hah.. look.. we normally don't have this type of service
only got problem, then you can bring the phone at here..
ET : But then, I'm not lived at here..
Only got problem.. then can find u.. No gua...
Sean : Okla..

BLA BLA BLA... See and test here and there.. (10 minutes later)..

ET : Okla.. I want on it..
Sean : Hah?? You want now??
ET : Got any problem??
Sean : Just to early.. 11:15am..
ET : (No comment)......

(Swt.. buy thing also got time one meh.. Girl's, you shopping also got time??)
(P/S : those who know me, once's ok, buy straight away....)

This is ok.. the following conversation even weird...

Sean : Well, the price is RM1499
ET : Ok, this is my credit card...
Sean : credit card somemore is master card...
ET : got any problem??
Sean : No.. just that you look so young to have credit card...
ET : (No comment)......
(young people can't have c.card?? I don't get it...)

The cover

My new hand phone...

Monday, May 18, 2009


Part 2 - 17/05 (Sunday)

Normally, I use Airasia either fly to Kuala Lumpur or Tawau,
can say most of the places, because is a budget airline...
(no choice.. have to save money...)

Well, I dunno other places la, but then, for sure...
last time, there is not flight from Tawau to KL using Malaysia Airlines..
because the respond toward customers on it were totally worst..

Therefore, no choice.. whether you like it or not..
who those wanted to direct flight Tawau - KL must used Airasia..
if not.. you used MAS... from Tawau - KK - KL.., wasted time..!!!

But then, recently, MAS got having alot of promotion..
that is got having MHlow.. (Low price fares)
that time, I was thought that this fares was somehow like Airasia..
no included foods!!!

Another thing, was MAS finally resume back direct flight KL - Tawau..
sure got alot of people look on it..
I'm also not left behind..
Cheap leh.. MAS is RM90 while Airasia is RM120...
sure go for MAS la..

So.. once at the plane.. I was sat at row number 22C,

okla.. better than the last row.. WAHAHA..!!
When come to the F&B session..
I thought, I don't have this privilege to eat,
as I brought the lowest fares..

So I decided to sleep..
later the aircrew asked me what types of food that I prefer...
I also shocked about it...

Then, I chose one of the meal set..
and just eat normally, not need to pay anythings..
mean that.. all already included..

Although, the foods are nothing specially..
however it is, it still ok.. got meal as well...

Another thing.. when I saving land at Tawau Airport..
we all had to quite up... Q-up for what?? Not for the immigration checking..
(if that one, I don't mind cause is normal prosecute)
is for the Influenza A(H1N1).. because KL already "kena" ma..
One by one.. kena test the body temperature..
(they afraid we bring the "friends" to visit here... )
normally, 15 minutes (if no check in luggage) can leave the airport..
but this time, 30 minutes... SWT!!!

My air ticket boarding

MAS' meal set

MAS's signature
The cover meal box


Part 1 - 16/05 (Saturday)

Well, as you all knew that I lived at Boulevard Hotel KL
actually, Lee's wanted me to live at his house..
but then, I not think about it..
as I don't wanted to disturb his family...

Okla.. Boulevard Hotel.. is a strategic location...
below is just Mid Valley Megamall..
after shopping, can directly put the things into the room..
not need to carry on it..

My room number is 1212.. located on the 12th floor...
(1212.. nice number.. can buy 4D)
well, the price that I stayed was RM 542 on 3D2N
included breakfast.. but than, the food... (mamatei...)

Well, my journey on weekend, was that..............
a) 9:30am-10:30am => checked my "golden" teeth..
b) 11am-4pm => SHOPPING!!!!
# Nokia Xpress Music 5800 - RM1500
# ROMP - RM220
# SODA - RM70
# Speedy -RM120
# Radioactive - RM45
# Metrojaya -RM360
(that amount is just average only)
c) 4pm-8pm => visit my grandparents and having dinner
d) 8pm-10pm => rested at the hotel room..
e) 10pm-11:30pm => supper with
KC, Paul, MC, HM, Elaine 老师, Tzenie,
and Clement
at William at Kelana Jaya
f) 11:30pm => Clement overnight at my place

the view from the room
the view of the deluxe room
this is the room number
the room card's key
so messy right... sorry la..
my bedroom.. damm shuang...
2am.. still got alot of cars..